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Reimagining Church

New Models for the 21st Century


Reimagining: The End of the Beginning

Trying to summarize the past eight months of dialogue and discernment is a fraught task, let alone trying to accurately the perspectives

by Zak Carroll
Why Church?

One question inherent to the Reimagining Church program that is so fundamental that it runs the risk of being overlooked is: Why Church?

by Zak Carroll
Reflection on the Feb 12 Gathering

I have sat down to write this reflection since last week more times than I care to count. What should my focus be?

by Vanessa Gonzalez-Rivera
Unveiling the Good Work Already Happening

From my view as facilitator of Branford UCC’s conversation with Becca, I saw something remarkable happen.

by Jake Cunliffe
How Do We Reimagine?

When I first came into this program called “Reimagining Church” I wondered aloud at one of our first meetings whether the title “Reimagining church” meant re-imagining “our” church or re-imagining the big “C” Church community.

by Rev. Barbara Libby and Ray Andrewsen
Doing Church and Being Church: A Reflection on our First Semester

Churches in our nation face the triple epidemics of the COVID crisis, racial and systemic injustice, and the climate crisis.

by Natalie Benson
Where We Are Today

Throughout last semester, St. Peter's Working Group worked to build cohesion as a group, understand our role in the congregation, and pin down where the passions and gifts of the congregation lie.

by Leah Wise
Imagining a Homecoming

Becca Stevens, in our group’s meeting with her, asked us what gave us energy.

by Lila Pierce
Finding the Focus

If you don’t know your non-negotiables, Tyler warned, then you will find yourself strung out trying to do everything at once.

by Jonathan Lee
Telling the Story

Through self-narration, we are coming to understand that diversions can often tell us more about the heart of things than staying on topic.

by Leah Wise