Reimagining Church

Thriving Congregations Initiative: New Models for the 21st Century

Reimagining Today

Growing Higher but Smaller

A few months ago, about halfway through my year with the re-imagining church program, I had a dream about Trinity on the Green.

By Max Sklar
May 9, 2023
Trinity on the Green
Risk Falling Short

When we stay in the realm of ideas and of talk, we might be able to keep our hands from getting dirty, but we also fall short of being the hands and feet of Christ in this world.

By Emily Carter
April 5, 2023
Trinity Episcopal Church, Seymour
The Wind Blows Where It Chooses: Following God’s Spirit of Change

The church is not dying. The church is changing. Just like it always has. Just like it needs to.

By Jordan Sylar
March 25, 2023
First Church of Madison UCC
God Can Be Funny

I would often look at that church and think how I would never set foot inside a place like that. I imagined it was a place that would be stodgy, stuck in traditions of the past, and uninviting. Well, God truly has a sense of humor.

By Phylis Iqbal
March 9, 2023
Trinity on the Green

Reimagining the Church?

But how?

By Kevin Kane
February 20, 2023
First Church of Madison UCC
Holding New Wine

This project is full of questions, but we must make sure they are good, life-giving ones.

By Jordan Sylar
February 19, 2023
First Church of Madison UCC
Shaping a Community of Invitation

One theme that has recurred throughout these stories and our discussions is the theme of invitation and its shadow side, demand.

By Max Sklar
February 8, 2023
Trinity on the Green
Reimagine with Us

Reimagining Church. The phrase could sound a bit scary, right?

By Katy Webb
January 30, 2023
First Church of Madison UCC
Sunday Moments: Centering in Purpose

Throughout the fall, the Reimagining Church group at HPUMC met every other week to discuss the past, present, and future of the church.

By Luke Melonakos-Harrison
January 18, 2023
Hamden Plains United Methodist
Being Brought Back

The question I wrestle with (even before our cohort was formed) is how best to share what I’ve found in church with people who don’t even realize what they’ve lost by not being part of a faith community.

By Renee, Grace & St. John's (Hamden)
January 16, 2023
Grace & St. Peter’s & St. John the Evangelist