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Reimagining Church

New Models for the 21st Century


The Importance of Reimagining Church

We live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving, and the church is no exception.

by Tamara Fore-Ravelo
Listening for God's Gameplan

It’s a Thursday night and there are things happening at Bethel AME Church.

by Ryan Lindsay Arrendell
In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was the Word and the Word was made flesh. In the beginning.

by Chris Veillon
Operating Through the Holy Spirit

On my way to the first meeting with our Reimagining cohort for the newly named Grace and St.

by Lee Febos
Weeping and Rejoicing

Hamden Plains United Methodist Church is a church with roots.

by Luke Melonakos-Harrison
Working Alongside God

I have begun the exciting process of reimagining church with Trinity Episcopal Church in Seymour, Connecticut.

by Emily Carter
May the Lord Deal Kindly with You: Our First Meeting

On Sunday we held our first re-imagining church meeting at Trinity on the Green, New Haven.  As we sat down in the upper room behin

by Max Sklar
Why Reimagine?

Someone like me who has committed to “reimagine church” makes two assumptions. First, we know the church has a problem.

by Jordan Sylar
Reimagining: The End of the Beginning

Trying to summarize the past eight months of dialogue and discernment is a fraught task, let alone trying to accurately the perspectives

by Zak Carroll
Why Church?

One question inherent to the Reimagining Church program that is so fundamental that it runs the risk of being overlooked is: Why Church?

by Zak Carroll