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Church of the Holy Trinity

Church of the Holy Trinity

Our parish was founded as a Anglican missionary outpost in Puritan New England during the early 18th century. Our mission is to fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples of ourselves and others. We will do this, in community, by opening hearts, widening minds, and transforming lives. 


Learning to Embrace Uncertainty

By Sarah Neumann

If you could ask God to grant us, the church, anything, what would it be?

Find the thread.

By Sarah Robertson

One of the speakers at a recent Reimagining Church session at Yale Divinity School spoke of “finding the thread” that both connects us wi

“Would” into “Will”

By Sarah Neumann

A few weeks ago, I led the Reimagining Church working group members on a prayer walk around the Church of the Holy Trinity.

New Basements, Old Ceilings

By Sarah Neumann

Bright fluorescent work lights illuminate the otherwise dim basement rooms, empty save for some old scrawling on the chalkboards of what

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