Reimagining Church

Thriving Congregations Initiative: New Models for the 21st Century

“We Come to Worship We Leave to Serve”

By Dave Chadwick

When I was selected by Pastor A.J. Smith to represent our Church, First Baptist of Branford I wasn’t sure what was to be expected of myself or the group. Caroline put my anxieties to rest as she really helped guide us along in this process from the first meeting on.

We were a Church who had risen from the ashes of the COVID PANDEMIC and had a new Pastor to help us move forward. I was not alone in the thinking of what will our church be like in the future. I have been a member for 15 years. I partake in all the events at the church, but there was so much more outside our 4 walls.

YDS gave us an opportunity to look hard at ourselves and with the Speakers they brought in to help us Reimagine where we wanted to go and what we valued for the future. I’m with many of our Church members who realize that we have opportunities to help so many of the least of these. I want to be right with Jesus [Hands and Feet]

  Caroline asked us to think differently and asked continually to go deeper with ideas of what we wanted FBC to be doing with the Church building and outside of our building. We are now starting to work on the FELLOWSHIP HALL where there is so much space available.  I know we can help with a variety of needs in our community utilizing this room numerous discussions already with what can be done in room.

There was a Thursday night that Caroline and our group met at F.B.C. and we walked inside our Church and prayed in every room. That Thursday evening was powerful and I was overcome with emotion remembering all the kids that  had passed through my Sunday School classroom. There were songs I wrote and sang at church prompted by the spirit and to think of all that has gone on here. Now we have opportunity to do more. We have become a Church that is expanding out into the greater community seeking to help fill a need that someone has.