Reimagining Church

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Simply Trust: The Holy Spirit Is Guiding Us

By Janice Lexton

I was honored when Reverend AJ Smith asked me to become a part of a small group of congregational members whose focus was to reimagine our church - First Baptist Church of Branford.  The word reimagine immediately conjured up many positive feelings for me: excitement, hope, potential, creative energy, and transformation.  I chose from the onset to keep an open mind and an open heart to the process that lies ahead. Our student facilitator, Caroline, has encouraged us to tap into the Holy Spirit during quiet time through prayer and personal reflection. This process has made me more aware of God’s presence and to acknowledge that God has always been at work through the steep history of our church and the church’s future will be no exception. What does First Baptist Church of Branford look like in the future? What an inspiring question, with so many potential opportunities to do God’s will. Susan Beaumont’s book tells us, “There is nothing to fear because every possible outcome is grounded in the goodness of God’s indwelling Spirit.” Although there will be unknowns and uncertainty as we navigate this journey together in and through the liminal space, our job is to lean into this experience. In the new year, we will be dedicating time for a prayer walk in and around the outside of our church and making time for some field trips to check out different communities and worship styles. I simply trust that God’s presence will be there every step of the way guiding us to see with his eyes and his heart. 

Image | BlackJack3D on iStock