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Tamara Fore-Ravelo

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Tamara Ravelo emerges from the Quechan Indian Tribe (pronounced Kwuh-tsan), where she spent many of her formative years unaware that she lived on a reservation. Today, she proudly reps her Indigenous culture. Life hasn’t been easy, but by God’s grace, Tamara has earned her master’s in business (MBA) and currently attends Yale University as an MDiv candidate to receive her degree in 2023. At Yale, she leads as president and also serves as a consultant to the oldest African American Congregational UCC church in the world, which was started in the 1820’s by those who were enslaved. Additionally, Tamara is a faculty member at the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, led in leadership by Rev. Dr. Iyana Vanzant, where she teaches a course on Ancient Wisdom and World Religion. 

Then, at Salem Covenant Church in Washington Depot, Ct., she serves as Assistant Pastor, where she loves prayer and creating spaces for others to heal; however, that may come. In her other life, she is a communications strategenius, specializing in marketing, branding, graphic design, web, publications and other forms of media. Tamara doesn’t do it alone, she is wonderfully loved and supported by her husband, the esquire Michael Ravelo. Together they share one daughter, Stephanie, and have a few others who are like their children.

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