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Trinity on the Green, New Haven

Trinity on the Green is a historic Episcopal Church located in the heart of New Haven, on the New Haven Green.  Trinity recognizes that there is more than one way to connect with one another and with God, as reflected in the breadth of their programs. Trinity connects with God aesthetically—through choral music, theater, art installations, and readings. Trinity connects with God ethically—serving Christ through serving others out on the New Haven Green and beyond. And Trinity connects with God spiritually—through reflection, meditation, “Godly play,” Bible study, and prayer. Trinity joins together every Sunday for  common worship, where all of these strands are brought together at the heart of Trinity’s worship, the Table of God.


Growing Higher but Smaller

by Max Sklar

A few months ago, about halfway through my year with the re-imagining church program, I had a dream about Trinity on the Green.

Shaping A Community of Invitation

by Max Sklar

Since the beginning of our re-imagining church sessions, we have often started out meetings by sharing stories of our life in faith

May the Lord Deal Kindly with You: Our First Meeting

by Max Sklar

On Sunday we held our first re-imagining church meeting at Trinity on the Green, New Haven.  As we sat down in the upper room behin