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New Models for the 21st Century

Trinity Episcopal Church, Seymour

church door with peace symbol

Welcome to our piece of the Kingdom. Trinity is a place for people with big hearts, who made the intentional decision a few years ago to become the heart of our community. We started by leaving our campus (not as scary as you may think) and went to our local laundromat where we paid for people’s laundry. This was followed by community dinners at our local low-income housing units, the creation of a community garden, a clothing room, and then a little free pantry on our property which is open 24 hours a day. But we didn’t stop there, members of Trinity are also involved in community organizing work. It is our hope that together with our town officials, and other community agencies we might begin to address some of the root causes of the problems our neighbors face daily.


Risk falling short

by Emily Carter

At Trinity, we have been talking over the past

God is not asking us to be sure

by Emily Carter

Reimagining church is a weird task.

Working Alongside God

by Emily Carter

I have begun the exciting process of reimagining church with Trinity Episcopal Church in Seymour, Connecticut.