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Grace & St. John’s Episcopal Church, Hamden

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Grace Church has been at the heart of Hamden for more than 200 years, serving the people of the Greater Hamden area, worshipping and praying together, supporting each other, and reflecting God’s love into the world. In the 1990s, Grace Church was joined by St Peter’s on the Hill; now, in 2022, Grace and St Peter’s Church is joined by St John the Evangelist, Wallingford.  As we learn to be “Grace and St. John’s,” there is no doubt that we will continue to be the welcoming, friendly, faithful and committed community that we have always been. Check out our website, Swords to Plowshares Northeast, and Dinner for a Dollar to get an idea of what we are about.


Being brought back

by Renee, Grace & St. John's (Hamden)

I’m trying to remember several things as I start this. Why did I agree to be part of this re-imagining church group?

Co-conspirators and breaking glass

by Lee Febos

In October, I began my blog post with an anecdote about falling and breaking my phone.

Operating Through the Holy Spirit

by Lee Febos

On my way to the first meeting with our Reimagining cohort for the newly named Grace and St.